KU-Macher_innen scholarship for a livable future

Shaping society with and through entrepreneurship - that is the motto of KU, Kreatives Unternehmertum, our new project partner. The Audi Environmental Foundation supports KU as a sponsor and bears the costs for two KU-Macher:innen scholarships.

12/20/2022 Reading Time: 1 min

Kreatives Unternehmertum is a non-profit, impact-oriented educational organization that operates at the interface between people, society and entrepreneurship. KU conducts research on this, offers a variety of educational programs and awards the so-called KU-Macher_innen scholarships. The organization pursues the goal of supporting existing companies and aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can actively shape society with their business models and ideas – in other words: shaping society!


KU is explicitly dedicated to the so-called “doers” and thus means prospective entrepreneurs who have a strong personal relationship with their business idea and want to implement it in order to offer added value to our society. Makers are supported in realizing their ideas for a livable future with non-profit funding programs and formats, access to the KU ecosystem, and visibility on KU communication channels.

KU support is provided through grants. These include a one-year development program consisting of coaching, mentoring and networking. The basis of this program is the resonance culture theory developed by KU, which focuses on the entrepreneurial potential development of the scholarship holders. The individual support formats promote the doers on the three levels of their activities: personally, collectively and entrepreneurially. The focus of the support of KU is therefore also on accompaniment: KU accompanies and the fellows shape. The latter enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom in the implementation of their business idea.

KU Spring Scholarship 2022

KU Spring Scholarship 2022 for the start-up E-TERRY

The Macher_innen scholarship in spring 2022 was awarded by the Audi Environmental Foundation to the start-up E-TERRY from Erfurt with its Greenovation project of the same name.  

With the aim of making agriculture smarter, more efficient and more sustainable, the scholarship team has developed a field robot called E-TERRY. With the help of various sensors and cameras, he can individually observe the plants in the field and care for them accordingly. As a result, pesticides, fertilizers and water used in agriculture can be applied as needed and waste can be avoided. Among other things, the service robot can also be used to remove weeds and is thus intended to make organic farming the new standard.

KU Spring Scholarship 2023

KU Spring Scholarship 2023 for the team of BeeSupervisor

The Macher_innen scholarship in spring 2023 was awarded by the Audi Environmental Foundation to the young, innovative and dynamic team of BeeSupervisors.  

With the help of AI and infrared light, the team has succeeded in developing a technical innovation: the BeeSupervisor: This makes it possible to visually identify the varroa mites on the infested bee in real time. When using the BeeSupervisor, the natural biorhythm of the bees is not disturbed and the varroa mite is detected at an early stage, whereupon appropriate measures can be initiated and an infestation of the entire population of the hive can be prevented.  The BeeSupervisor supports beekeepers in protecting the bees effectively and non-invasively from the parasite in the long term.